Quality control and responsibility is embedded throughout the company and at every level. From procurement to pre-construction, construction to post-handover, we have a dedicated and accountable team that recognises their role in, and the importance of, delivering a quality product and service.

Quality inspections for each project are planned in advance and follow a logical sequence. In addition to this, we have a comprehensive plan for each project to ensure continuous quality checks and communications between all parties involved in the build process. 

Supply chain and subcontractor management

Castleoak is extremely experienced in construction management and our work on site is delivered via a proven tried and tested team of partners. This team has proven successful project delivery, achieving high project quality within agreed budgets. We attach great importance to maintaining these excellent working relationships with our supply chain to continue this high level work.

Castleoak has a committed and well established supply chain, experienced in working with us in our specialist sector.  

After care

Delivering a quality product does not stop at handover. That’s why our dedicated customer care team operates independently from our construction team and is assigned to supporting our customers through the 12-month warranty period. 

After care begins during the handover phase where our customer care team will visit the project and introduce themselves to the customer to ensure there is a good working relationship in place ready for the final handover.

At the end of the 12-month warranty period, any final work is scheduled and overseen by the Customer Care Manager, agreed and signed off jointly with our customer.